Resources for Reopening Your Massachusetts Workplace

By Kathleen Berney   June 23, 2020

Employers and employees alike have faced many challenges during these unprecedented times. As employers in Massachusetts begin to reopen their workplaces, they must now address questions of how to bring their employees back to work safely and comply with Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards. To assist employers with this endeavor, HRW’s COVID-19 Team has developed the following: (1) a checklist of resources and tips; (2) HRW’s “COVID-19 Return to the Workplace Safety Standards Toolkit.” More information about each can be found below:

1) Checklist of Resources and Tips

Click here to access our 2-page checklist that outlines resources and tips for employers who are reopening their workplaces. It features information and hyperlinks to help you with the process.

2) HRW’s “COVID-19 Return to the Workplace Safety Standards Toolkit” 

The Toolkit helps Massachusetts employers reopen their workplaces, bring back and train employees, and where applicable, reopen to the public. In consultation with an HRW attorney, the Toolkit can be tailored to guide you through drafting a workplace safety standards policy compliant with Massachusetts Mandatory Safety Standards. The Toolkit provides you with checklists, training materials, and resources provided by the CDC, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and others to help navigate the reopening process.

For more information about reopening your workplace and for details regarding HRW’s “COVID-19 Return to the Workplace Safety Standards Toolkit,” please contact a member of HRW’s COVID-19 Team:

  • Kathleen Berney: / 617-348-4335
  • Laurie Bishop: / 617-348-4345
  • Ari Kristan: / 617-348-4365
  • Peter Moser: / 617-348-4323
  • Cathy Reuben: / 617-348-4316
  • Dave Wilson: / 617-348-4314
  • Janette Ekanem: / 617-348-4327
  • Rich Loftus: / 617-348-4360
  • Mark Macchi: / 617-348-4331
  • Alexandra Mitropoulos: / 617-348-4332
  • Liz Monnin-Browder: / 617-348-4349
  • Charlotte Petilla: / 617-348-4353

Click here to download this alert as a PDF.


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